22 Editor-Loved Cooking Products Every Home Chef Should Own (Part 2)


These useful kitchen tools will not only make you look good in the kitchen, but they might also inspire you to start cooking from scratch more often, too. Whether you want a versatile pan or a high-quality knife, we have you covered. 

Ahead, check out our editor’s picks for must-have cooking products and gadgets, and get yourself a few.

  1. A Cleanup EssentialA Cleanup Essential

This item is more of a cleanup essential than a cooking product, but it’s definitely worth adding to your cart, especially if you frequently encounter stubborn food residue on your pans. For more info, check out our review of the Lodge SCRAPERPK Durable Pan Scrapers .

Editor Quote: “After hearing people rave about this pan scraper and reading through reviews, I was sold. You have to wait until the pan cools off before using it (the scraper is likely to melt otherwise), but then you’re free to flick off those reluctant pieces that seem to just want to hold on for dear life.” — Britt Stephens, Former Content Director, Celebrity and Entertainment

  1. A Celeb-Founded Pan Set

Love staying up-to-date on celeb-founded brands? Enter Risa, a cookware brand founded by Eva Longoria. This particular set comes with an eight-quart stock pot with a lid, a 4.5-quart sauté pan with a lid, and two pot holders. Amazon shoppers and our very own editors praise its ceramic nonstick coating. Learn more via our Risa Induction Cookware Pot and Pan Set review.

Editor Quote: “My first impression of the Risa Cookware Set in Natural Ivory was how lightweight it felt, especially considering the large size of the pot and pan. It’s easy to maneuver, and the handles are conveniently located.” — Anvita Reddy, Assistant Editor, POPSUGAR Commerce

  1. A Beautiful Baking Dish

A Beautiful Baking Dish

If you (like me) secretly want to be Joanna Gaines and attempt to channel the lifestyle expert every time you’re in the kitchen, then this baking dish will definitely be a worthwhile purchase for you. 

Whether you’re making casseroles, lasagnas, or even cobblers, this dish can truly do it all — just check out our product review on the Heart & Hand with Magnolia Baking Dish to learn more.

Editor Quote: “From cobblers to casseroles, the bakeware has allowed me to whip up some of the easiest and most delicious meals and desserts — giving me the freedom to throw all of the ingredients into the dish base, cook it to perfection in the oven, then seamlessly take it straight to the dining table with the metal carrier (no need to transfer to another, more stylish serving plate and run the risk of ruining my bake).” — Kyley Warren, Assistant Editor, Commerce

  1. A Cult-Favorite Pan

If you have an Instagram account or find yourself regularly scrolling through the #CookTok hashtag on TikTok, chances are you’ve probably seen this pan splashed all over your feed — and for good reason. 

This multi-functional pan eliminates the need for a ton of cookware, as its nonstick composition allows users to cook up just about anything they’d like. It’s even a POPSUGAR editor favorite — as detailed in this Our Place Always Pan 2.0 product review.

Editor Quote: “The versatility of the Our Place Always Pan 2.0 is unmatched; you can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all in one place. I’ve been experimenting with this pan for a little while, and I’ve made everything, including fried eggs, chicken curry, pasta, and baked cinnamon rolls. I use this pan so much that it’s perpetually sitting on my drying rack.” — Anvita Reddy, Assistant Editor, Commerce

  1. An Essential Knife Set

You don’t have to be a professional chef to love this knife set — though one POPSUGAR editor argued that the practical set actually made her feel like one in our product review on the Made In Knives. 

Whether you’re cutting through dense meats or are meal-prepping vegetables for your upcoming week, these knives are sure to be a kitchen savior!

Editor Quote: “After owning these deluxe knives for about two months, I found myself reaching for the Chef Knife most often, using it to cut everything from meats to vegetables into different chops and sizes. But my favorite is actually the Nakiri Knife because it’s made me chop vegetables finer that I ever could have imagined.” — Yerin Kim, Editor, Breaking News

  1. A Better Baking Sheet

Every household should have a great baking sheet on hand for when they need to whip up flavorful, oven-ready treats in an instant, and this baking sheet is considered one of the very best. 

Whether you’re baking a large batch of cookies or are playing around with new, sheet-pan dinners, this tool can accommodate it all. Plus, one POPSUGAR editor even went as far as calling it her “new favorite kitchen product” in this Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan review.

Editor Quote: “It’s sturdy and a smidge heavier than other options in my cabinets, which means it has yet to show any signs of damage, despite being stored alongside wire racks. Plus, the bottom doesn’t puff up when baking in high heat unlike some flimsier options out there. And if you’ve ever had to scrape burnt pieces off a new pan, rest assured the nonstick coating on the Holy Sheet pan is impressively slick, even after handwashing it several times.” — Lisa Peterson, Director, Social Media

  1. An Elevated Olive Oil

An Elevated Olive Oil

You can easily elevate any meal with the help of this internet-loved olive oil. Not only does the olive oil boast a flavorful, ingredient-packed base, but it’s also hailed as being one of the most authentic olive oils on the market, with no fillers or artificial preservatives. 

One POPSUGAR editor even admitted that the product is so great, it’s the “only thing” she cooks with now, as detailed in this Brightland Olive Oil product review.

Editor Quote: “The oils taste as elevated as they look, likely because of the handpicked, organic heirloom olives that are milled soon after harvest. From my first blind taste, I immediately noticed the bright, herbaceous flavor of the Brightland Awake olive oil, while the Alive one tastes fruitier and nuttier.” — Shelcy Joseph, Contributor

  1. An Affordable Cookware Set

Compared to some of the other cookware sets on the market, this teal-colored bundle from Drew Barrymore’s line is definitely on the more affordable side — which is even more refreshing considering how unbelievably chic it is, too. 

The 12-piece set comes with everything you’ll need to fill your kitchen — including frying pans, dutch ovens, cookware protectors, and more — plus it’s made with a nontoxic ceramic nonstick coating that you can feel good about cooking your food on. 

Read our review of the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set to learn more.

Editor Quote: “Despite how pretty the kitchenware is, it’s also proven to be just as effective at cooking a wide variety of dishes. The durable, flat construction of the pots and pans ensures that all foods are cooked evenly, and it’s designed to be compatible with all stovetops. From my morning eggs to my go-to fajitas dish, this set has the capacity to cook it all — and make your kitchen space look seriously cute while you’re doing it.” — Kyley Warren, Assistant Editor, Commerce

  1. A Quality Cutting Board

A Quality Cutting Board

If you’re already a fan of Our Place’s other, cult-favorite cooking products, then you’ll definitely want to round out your stock with this editor-loved cutting board, which is both stylish and still totally durable. Learn more in this Our Place Cutting Board review.

Editor Quote: “You may think a cutting board is a cutting board, but this is the one you’ll want, trust me. The design is well thought out, and so much more than that. The built-in juice trench on one side makes it easy to catch and drain liquids. It features a side that’s completely flat, so it can even double as a serving tray too.” — Krista Jones, Former Editor, Commerce

  1. A Chic Dinnerware Set

Once you’re finished cooking up something delicious and completely memorable, you’ll need quality dinnerware and utensils to serve up your homemade dish in style. 

While there are so many stylish dish sets that are available to shop online, this minimalistic kit is definitely one of our favorites. Just read through our review on the Leeway Home Dinnerware set.

Editor Quote: “What impressed me the most: the quality. I’ve tried a lot of dinnerware brands over the years, and photos don’t just do these pieces justice. The ceramic plates feel sturdy and luxe, without being overly heavy or feeling bulky, yet not cheap. The glassware is light — you can feel that it’s well made and won’t easily break.” — Krista Jones, Former Editor, Commerce

  1. A Top-Rated Kitchen Appliance

A Top-Rated Kitchen Appliance

Looking for a cool cooking appliance that can help you to cook up something impressive with little to no effort? Look no further than this Dutch oven. 

The enameled cast-iron kitchen tool is safe for all stovetops and available to shop in a variety of colors. One POPSUGAR editor said that the appliance was totally “worth the hype” in this Great Jones Dutchess Oven product review.

Editor Quote: “I decided to roast a chicken, and it was the easiest process ever. I filled the pot with a whole chicken, lemon, rosemary, spices, and white wine — the deep design allows everything to cook without spewing out everywhere. Once it was ready to go, it honestly looked like the prettiest thing I ever cooked while sitting inside the Dutchess. It was easy to lift, even with my hands in oven mitts.” — Macy Cate Williams, Former Content Director, Commerce

  1. A Do-It-All Apliance

If your traditional oven just isn’t doing it for you anymore, it might be time to look into a cooking alternative like this countertop oven set. 

While the product comes at a pretty steep price, it’s definitely worth it considering the wide variety of dishes you can make with the appliance (including things like salmon, chicken tenders, and more), and all in a fraction of the time it might take to cook the same meal in a traditional oven. 

Read our Brava Countertop Oven review to learn more about this editor-loved essential!

Editor Quote: “Although this countertop oven doesn’t come cheap, it can help save hundreds of dollars over the course of a few months. I swapped expensive restaurant checks for grocery receipts, meanwhile making me more aware of the ingredients in my food. My diet is more varied, too (I’ve discovered new recipes and meals, rather than opting to eat the same to-go orders again and again).” — Hilary Sheinbaum, Contributor